External spur and helical gear application

The aim of gears is to transmit power, converting the rotation speed of a shaft to a second shaft. Depending on the configuration of gears, is possible to decrease the rpm and increase the torque; the result is called reduction, whereas the increasing of the rpm and decreasing of torque is the reverse reduction.

According to the shape of the tooth, gears can be classified as helical or spur. The teeth of the spur gear are parallel to the shaft, while those of the helical one can have different angles, depending on the design and application. Helical gears are extremely efficient and more suitable for all applications where smooth and quiet are essential, as for the automotive transmissions. Furthermore, they can manage more torque. They are thought to be used as high-speed gears, while spur gears as slow-speed gears. If noise is not a problem, spur gears are used at any speed, both to transmit power or motion between parallel shafts.

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