Samputensili gear hobsHob
We are specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of hobs
shaper cutters samputensiliShaper cutters
We manufacture several different type of shaper cutters thanks to our long experience in the sector.
scudding tools SamputensiliScudding ® Tools
Scudding technology allows the machining of internal or external gears/splines without the need of an undercut or groove.
Shaving cuttersShaving cutters
As one of the largest producers of cutting tools, and with particular expertise in shaving technology, we offer a wide range of shaving cutters.
chamfering and deburring SamputensiliChamfering, chamfer-roller and deburring tools
These tools are extremely important in order to get a high quality final gear
samputensili master gearMaster
We offer a wide range of master gears to determine the accuracy of work gears
Tool coating SamputensiliCoating
In collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturers of coating technology, we optimize innovative coatings for gear cutting tools.