What are the main business sector of Samputensili Cutting Tools?

The main Samputensili Cutting Tools business sectors, which are well highlighted in the hexagons within the homepage, are:

Does Samputensili Cutting Tools have an ethical code?

Yes, it does. To read our Ethical code please click here

  • How many people work in Samputensili Cutting Tools?

There are 427 employees working for Samputensili Cutting Tools.

  • Which VAT ID No does Samputensili Cutting Tools have?

VAT ID No.: IT03503841201

  • How can I get technical help?

We try to reply to your enquires as soon as possible For technical help you can easily get all the main contact details on our service page. Moreover, you can call us : +39 051 6319411.

  • Where can i find warranty information?

All our products have warranties, however, in order to know the specific one you should contact our service.

  • Will you use my personal information to send me emails?

Yes, we may. To learn more about how Samputensili handles your personal information that you share with Samputensili, please visit www.samputensili.com/privacy.

  • How do I opt out of receiving unsolicited marketing communications from GM or change my opt-out preferences?

If you do not want to receive unsolicited marketing communications from Samputensili or  SAMP companies, please visit our opt out through the link within the newsletter. You  can always opt out by direct mail marketing@sampspa.com. You can also call +39 051 6319 411 to opt out of direct mail communications, as well as telephone and email communications, and/or to change previously submitted opt-out preferences.

  • I would like Samputensili Cutting Tools to grant me permission to use an image from the site and let me link from my site to Samputensili site. What should I do?

Unfortunately, Samputensili Cutting Tools cannot allow images from the Samputensili site or our brand sites to be posted on other sites. Besides, feel free to link your site to the Samputensili site.

  • What does Samputensili do to help protect the environment?

Sustainability is a value of the Samputensili’s companies, we always do our most efforts to protect the environment carrying out many activities as recycling a number of materials, such as ferrous chips, wood and packaging materials. Moreover, we have succeeded in reducing the waste percentage and annual consumption of natural gas that decreased by 58% in 4 years. We are a certified  ISO 14001 company and our HQ in Bentivoglio (BO), Italy, is a great example of intelligent management of energy and resources. 1500 sqm of photovoltaic plant has been installed and in 2014, 855883.97 Kw/h of clean electrical energy were produced of which 93% was used for maintenance of the plant and 7% was sold.