Gabriele’s internship experience in Samputensili

Gabriele internshil in Samputensili

“For the past four weeks i had the unique occasion to work at Samputensili thanks to the “Young apprenticeship programme” (alternanza scuola lavoro) supported by my school, Istituto Salesiani. This experience marked my access to the business world since it was my first time in the real working life, where I had the chance to see all I learned at school. Indeed, working for and with a big group like SAMP is not like going to school. In fact, at school you just study hard in order to get nice marks and most of the time you are doing it individually. Instead at SAMP I have always worked within teams. This is a completely different approach for me and I liked it. In particular, I appreciated the fact that in this way everybody is responsible for our common goal: client’s satisfaction.

I felt welcomed by everybody, from my tutors to workers, who were friendly and keen to teach me the secrets of the job. I have carried out calculation activities as well as more practical activities related to the assembly and adjustment.

Furthermore, I have noticed that SAMP is particularly focused on safety and its related norms. Indeed, during my internship, I attended a course on security and safety and one on the bearing assembly. Both were extremely interesting.

Now, I have to decide if I will continue my studies in the engineering area or start to work immediately. In both cases, I would like to work in the SAMP Group”.