Rick Yan new General Manager of Star SU China

Rick Yan Sta SU CHina

We are pleased to announce that Rick Yan (Yan Huaixiang) has been appointed General Manager of Star SU China.
Mr. Yan, 37, holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has matured longstanding experience in the cutting tool industry, including 7 years in the technical field and 10 years in sales, marketing and management.

“Star SU China is a powerful JV with first-quality products and a solid presence in the market”, commented Mr. Yan. “We aim at giving our customers what they most need and value, in a cost-effective and sustainable way. My main priority will be to increase the business in China, making Star SU one of the leader companies among international players”. He then went on to add: “Internally, I want to build a powerful team driven by passion, motivation and confidence. In short, I wish to create a fair play company culture”.