SU Technical Seminar in India


On week 10th, 2018 Samputensili Cutting Tools organized a technical seminar in Pune, India.

Pune is known as one of India’s most important cities for automotive companies and their supplier. Especially a huge number of gear and transmission manufacturer are located there. Also, Samputensili has its facility directly in Pune city center to be close to our local customers. During that week the European management and our local Indian colleagues of Samputensili combined their forces to offer the Indian market a full day dedicated technology seminar. The group of attendants was composed by experts working for some of the most relevant powertrain companies in India, ranging from motorcycle through car to truck industries.

The seminar was focused on the full range of Samputensili’s manufacturing program showing all its aspects, advantages and technical facts. After a digression about Samputensili and its joint venture Star SU given by Teodoro Ceglia, General Manager Samputensili Cutting Tools, our Global Product Manager, Dr. Deniz Sari spoke about technical details, challenges and solutions for gear manufacturing processes. The presentation covered fundamentals, hobbing, shaping, shaving, chamfering and scudding of gears. Every chapter ends with an application example, which shows, that Samputensili is not just a tool supplier, furthermore Samputensili helps to set up new or improve existing production processes. Additionally, Dr. Deniz Sari introduced the audience in the newest tool innovations like the internal chamfering tool or a recently launched high-performance tool family.

During the full day, our customers had successful discussions with our experts from India and Europe. Many question were discussed during the seminar and our customer collected solutions and innovative ideas in their factories.

With their local facility Samputensili can offer the Indian market gear cutting tools with state of the art technology.

It has been a pleasure to have all of you on our Seminar and we are looking forwards to see you soon.

Below some images of the event