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As one of the largest producers of cutting tools worldwide, and with particular expertise in shaving technology, we offer a wide range of shaving cutters able to do many types of processing :

  • Transverse
  • Diagonal
  • Diagonal-underpass
  • Underpass
  • Tangential
  • Plunge
  • Internal/external shaving
  • Underground or finished shaving cutters

Tool design and optimization are rooted in the longstanding experience of our shaving cutter design engineers. Unique software developments implemented on our shaving cutter grinding machines and test programs mean high precision and efficient resharpening of your tools.

We provide different dimensions of shaving cutters:

  • Module: 0.7-10mm
  • width: 65mm
  • Outside diameter: 70-330mm

We deliver each tool with a user-friendly sharpening diagram, enabling clients to monitor the life cycle of their tools and directly control the sharpening process. Our shaving cutters are profile ground and sharpened in house, ensuring the most productivity.

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