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We are specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of gear hobs including:

  • Involute gear hobs
  • Bore and shank-type hobs
  • Special profiles/profile modifications
  • Hobs for special drives
  • Chain sprocket hobs
  • Worm gear hobs
  • Large module hobs
  • Hobs for splines and timing belt gears
  • Finishing and pre-finishing hobs
  • Double gash hob

Depending on your application, we optimize tool geometry in terms of diameter, number of gashes and number of starts. Our gear hobs are available in a wide range of dimensions:

  • Module Range: 0.45-22.0 mm
  • Diameter Range: 40-300mm

Thanks to the tight in-house collaboration with the leader of the coating industry, Oerlikon Balzer, we provide the most efficient state-of-the-art coating, satisfying single needs including: Gold (Tin), Futura nano (TiAlN), Alcrona Prto (AlCrN) and Altensa (AlCrX).

Samputensili also represents the cutting edge technology for hobs for large gear modules. They can also be supplied in heavy duty design with a maximum of 3 cutting blades. We have a long history to ensure clients the best tradeoff between productivity, batch size, tool cost and cost per piece.

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