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The success of Samputensili’s chamfering and deburring tools has been proven in countless applications at our customers’ plants all around the world. Chamfering of gears is a major step in the manufacturing of high-precision gears. Chamfering removes micro burrs and sharp edges to avoid damages on the gear and to protect the finishing tools. Samputensili performs the chamfering process using rotating forming tools. This concept is characterized by speed and cost-effectiveness and is particularly suited for the manufacturing of big batches, as in the automotive sector.

Thanks to Samputensili’s decades of experience in designing and manufacturing chamfering tools, high-quality chamfers are ensured also after a high number of machined workpieces. Samputensili chamfering tools are able to provide parallel type or comma type chamfers.

Furthermore, chamfering of the root is possible, also for gears with interfering contours. To meet the growing market demands, Samputensili has launched a new generation of chamfering tools, called INNOchamfer™.
The INNOchamfer™ combines the newest technologies in the fi eld of base
material and surface finishing to improve the contact zone between tool and part.
The rigid tool body and the low roughness on the surface optimise the forming operation. What is more, the INNOchamfer™ decreases the tool
costs per piece. The new tools have already proven their higher performance in several applications.


All trials have shown a significant tool life improvement. On automotive gears, the INNOchamfer™ lasts twice as long as the standard chamfering tools.
Furthermore, with the INNOchamfer™ technology, we offer our customers the opportunity to carry out chamfering in dry conditions.
Combined with dry hobbing, the gear soft machining can become a process
chain without the need for cooling liquids.

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