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Samputensili has several decades of experience in the production of hobs out of different material and coating combinations.

The hobs designed and manufactured by Samputensili are well-known for their precision and long tool life. Our experts are constantly working to offer our customers the best quality hobs which are able to meet the challenges of today’s production environments. The newest generation of high-performance hobs called INNOhob™ offers our customers a tool with a new level of performance in the field of highspeed steel hobs. At Samputensili, experts are using the newest technologies available to generate the new INNOhob™ tools. All process steps during hob production have been carefully analyzed and improved. The most critical process step during hob production is the surface finishing of the hob teeth themselves. By using improved grinding cycles during hob profiling, the surface roughness of the new INNOhob™ are at a minimum level. Close to the cutting edges, the wear begins on the peaks of the grinding marks of the hob profiling processes. With the new finishing cycle, Samputensili is able to almost avoid wear critical grinding marks on the clearance faces. The start of tool wear during hobbing is therefore postponed significantly, which translates in a higher tool life.


Furthermore, the INNOhob™ combines the very low surface roughness with a dedicated cutting-edge geometry. The cutting-edge shape is generated by a blasting process as the last step before coating. Depending on the loads during hobbing, different cutting-edge shapes and radii are possible. The choice of the cutting-edge radius is always a compromise between cutting capability and edge stability. Our experts analyze the customer´s application in detail and decide for a dedicated radius to achieve the highest tool life possible. The cutting trials show a significant higher tool life which is also characterized by a much more even wear width. Our customers have reported a tool life increase by up to 80% compared with the standard hob technology. The higher performance of the INNOhob™ helps our customers to reduce their tool costs per part. What is more, in several applications the INNOhob™ tools can replace other, more expensive technologies, like for example carbide hobs.

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